How to Share Live Location on Telegram Safely


Sometimes we need to share our live location with our partner, family, friends, and others. We need that sometimes because of worried, wait for somebody, as easy-to-street instruction, and the are many other reasons.

In the digital era now, you can share your location or live location easily. There are many apps for doing that matter and one of them is Telegram Apps. Yeah, you can use Telegram for sharing your live location safely.

For you don’t know how to share live location on Telegram can follow the steps below easily.

Steps to Share Live Location on Telegram

1. First of all, don’t forget to activate your phone location.

2. Then, open your Telegram application and click a contact which you will send live location.

3. Next, click symbol📎(attachment) on the bottom.

4. After it, select Location.

5. Then, click Share My Live Location.

6. Continue with the click OK.

7. And don’t forget to allow telegram to access your device’s location all the time or you can keep it.

8. Next, choose for how long you share your live location.

9. After click share, your friend can see where you go and your location right now.

That’s nine steps for share live Location on telegram safely. You can follow those steps easily to share your location with your girl/boyfriend or for your family. Enjoy…

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