2 Steps to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Flash Drive

As we continue capturing more photos and videos with our iPhone’s powerful cameras, the limited storage capacity quickly fills up. Offloading these files to a flash drive not only frees up space to continue taking pics but also serves as a backup if anything happens to your phone.

In this guide, we provide easy methods to transfer iPhone photos to a flash drive using just a cable or wirelessly without any cables at all.

Using a Cable

What you need:

  • iPhone
  • USB flash drive
  • Lightning to USB cable


  1. Connect your iPhone to the flash drive using a Lightning to USB cable.
  2. Open the Photos app on your iPhone and select the images you want to transfer.
  3. Tap on the Export option at the bottom and select your connected flash drive as the destination.
  4. Your selected photos will now copy over to the flash drive.

The transfer speed will vary depending on the number of photos selected. For large batches, it is best to leave the phone connected until the transfer finishes.

Transferring Wirelessly

What you need:

  • iPhone
  • Wi-Fi enabled flash drive


  1. Connect the wireless flash drive to a power source and join its Wi-Fi network from your iPhone.
  2. Launch the flash drive’s app and select the option to import photos.
  3. Choose the photos in your iPhone’s gallery that you wish to transfer.
  4. The app will now wirelessly transfer the photos to the flash drive.

The speed depends on your Wi-Fi signal strength. Stick close to the router for best results.


Moving photos from your iPhone to a flash drive is simple whether you use a cable or wireless connection. Not only does this free up precious storage, but it also lets you backup these memories should anything happen to your phone.

Remember to safely eject and disconnect your flash drive once the transfer finishes. You can now access the photos directly from the flash drive on any computer or device.

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