3 Steps to Transfer Music from Android to iPhone via Bluetooth

You’ve built up an extensive music library on your Android phone over the years. But now you’ve decided to switch over to an iPhone. Naturally, you want to bring all your favorite tunes along for the ride.

The idea of having to manually move over gigabytes of music is not very appealing. Is there an easy way to transfer all that music from Android to iPhone?

Unfortunately, you can’t directly transfer music using Bluetooth between an Android device and an iPhone. However, with the right apps and techniques, you can still move your music wirelessly.

1. Using Cloud Storage Services

One of the simplest ways is to use a cloud storage service like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Install the cloud storage app both on your Android device and iPhone
  2. Upload the music files from your Android device to the cloud storage
  3. Open the cloud storage app on your iPhone and download the music files

This method works seamlessly as long as you have enough free cloud storage space for your music collection. The transfer will occur over Wi-Fi or mobile data.

2. With File Transfer Apps

Specialized file transfer apps like SHAREit can transfer music wirelessly between devices via Wi-Fi hotspot. Follow these steps:

  1. Install SHAREit on both devices
  2. Select music files on Android device and tap Send
  3. Create a Wi-Fi hotspot on Android and connect iPhone to it
  4. Open SHAREit on iPhone and tap Receive
  5. Music transfers wirelessly over the Wi-Fi hotspot

The benefit of apps like SHAREit is that they are really easy to set up and don’t require an internet connection.

3. Through a Computer (with iTunes or Android File Transfer)

For very large music collections, going through a computer may be easier. You will need a computer with both iTunes (Mac/Windows) or Android File Transfer (Mac) installed.

  1. Connect Android phone to computer via USB
  2. Locate music folder and copy files over to a folder on the computer
  3. Disconnect Android device and connect iPhone
  4. Open iTunes or Finder and sync music files to iPhone

This wired method is relatively fast and stable even for transferring gigabytes of music.


While you can’t directly use Bluetooth to move files between Android and iOS, there are several good alternatives. Cloud storage services, file transfer apps, and syncing through a computer can all get the job done wirelessly or with a wired connection.

The easiest way for most people is probably to upload their music collection to cloud storage, then re-download it to the new iPhone. File transfer apps like SHAREit also offer a simple way to quickly move music without cables or an internet connection.

So with a bit of effort, you’ll be rocking out to your favorite tunes on your shiny new iPhone in no time. The key is finding the right wireless transfer method that suits how much music you need to move and your technical capabilities.

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