5 Steps to Send Live Photos on Android Phone

Live Photos is a fun feature that captures a few seconds of motion and sound before and after you take a photo. It brings your still images to life. While Live Photos originated on iPhones, many Android phones now have a similar feature called Motion Photos or Moving Pictures. Sending these animated images to friends and family is a great way to share special moments. However, the process to send Live Photos from an Android phone is a bit different than sending regular pictures. In this article, we’ll walk through the steps to easily send your Live Photos to others.

1. Check If Your Phone Supports Live Photos

Before getting started, you need to make sure your Android phone has the Live Photos feature. Not all Android devices support capturing moving images. Google Pixel phones have a Motion option. Samsung Galaxy phones call it Motion Photo. Some phones may use the terms moving pictures or cinemagraphs.

To check if your phone has the feature, open the Camera app and look for a motion or Live Photo icon, usually a circle surrounded by a dotted circle. If you see this option, your phone can take Live Photos. If not, unfortunately your device does not support the feature.

2. Enable the Live Photo Setting

Once you’ve confirmed your Android phone has Live Photo capability, you need to turn on the setting:

  1. Open the Camera app
  2. Tap the Settings icon (gear symbol)
  3. Scroll down and select the Motion photo or Moving pictures option
  4. Toggle the switch to the On position

Now when you take photos, your phone will capture a few seconds of motion and sound by default. You can disable the setting later if you want to take regular still photos again.

3. Take Some Live Photos

With the Live Photo feature enabled, start snapping some moving images! The process is the same as taking normal pictures:

  1. Frame your shot in the Camera viewfinder
  2. Tap the shutter button when ready
  3. Hold the phone steady for a couple seconds before and after tapping the shutter

Your phone will capture a short video clip along with the still frame. You can preview the moving image in the Gallery app. Tap and hold on the photo thumbnail to see it animate.

4. Choose an App to Send Your Live Photos

When you’re ready to share your Live Photos with others, you need to pick a messaging or social media app that supports the format. Not all apps are compatible with sending the moving images. Here are a few popular options:

  • Google Photos
  • Samsung Messages
  • WhatsApp
  • Telegram
  • Facebook Messenger

The built-in texting apps on Pixel and Galaxy phones can send Live Photos to other Android devices. For the widest compatibility, Google Photos is your best bet. It can send the images to both Android and iPhone users.

5. Send Live Photos via Google Photos

Let’s walk through the steps to send your moving pictures using the Google Photos app:

  1. Open Google Photos and select the Live Photo you want to share
  2. Tap the Share icon (usually a “<” symbol with dots)
  3. Select the contact or contacts you want to message
  4. Tap the Send button

Google Photos will upload your Live Photo and generate a link that gets sent to the recipient. When they open the link, they’ll be able to view the full moving image, not just a still thumbnail.

To share multiple Live Photos at once in Google Photos:

  1. In the Google Photos app, long-press on a Live Photo to select it
  2. Tap on additional Live Photos you want to include
  3. Hit the Share icon
  4. Choose your contacts and tap Send

Keep in mind, Live Photos take up more storage space and data than regular pictures since they are essentially short video clips. Sending multiple Live Photos, especially over cellular data, may take longer than sharing still images.


Live Photos are a fun way to capture and share life’s little moments. While the feature started on iPhones, many Android devices now support their own versions called Motion Photos or Moving Pictures. To send a Live Photo from your Android phone, first make sure your device supports the feature. Enable the Live option in your Camera settings. Then snap some moving images!

When you’re ready to share, use an app that is compatible with the Live Photo format, like Google Photos, WhatsApp or your phone’s built-in messaging app. Sending to other Android users will likely work without issue. To send to iPhone users, Google Photos is your most reliable option.

Now that you know the steps, get out there and start capturing and sharing Live Photos from your Android phone! Your friends and family will love seeing your memories come to life.

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