7 Ways Eliminate Eye Bags Naturally So That Its Look Fresh

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Have eye bags to be a thing annoying for some people, especially women. Though no danger or cause pain, eye bags sometimes considered annoying appearance because the face will look tired and look old. Fortunately, have tips for you that want to eliminate the eye bags. As for the tips as follows.

1. Potato

Potato can be utilized for eliminating eye bags. The ways that are with put potato piece in under the eyes. Or can soak cotton inside potato juice. After it put the cotton under the eyes and leave for 20 minutes. After it rinse the face. Do this every day routinely.

2. Cucumber

Cucumber is a traditional way of eliminating eye bags but very effective resolve this problem. First slices cucumber then put in the refrigerator for cool. Then compress cucumber which has cool under the eyes. If you do that, your eyes will look very fresh back.

3. Set The Sleep Time

Set your sleep time for effective and regular. At least you sleep nothing less and no more than 8 hours. Because lack of or more sleep time cause your eye bags enlarged.

4. Water

Drink up water can restore stamina to your body effectively and secure for do. With drink up water makes you fresh and of course reduce big your eye bags.

5. Cool Water

For eliminating your eye bags, you can try to compress them with cool water. Leave fabric first into the ice water. After it, you can use the fabric to compress your eye bags. Should do that in the night time before you sleep. So the next morning your eye bags will eliminate with themselves.

6. Tea Dregs

Use tea dregs as a mask with saving in the refrigerator. After it uses the dregs in your eye bags or uses evenly in your face. Tea dregs contain tannins that can prevent premature aging, therefore tea dregs also can use for eliminating your eye bags. After doing that don’t forget to rinse with cool water.

7. Sleeping Position

The sleeping position also can use as a way effective for eliminating your eye bags. Sleeping position slightly lifted while sleeping or your head slightly raised can help blood circulation lead to head more smoothly. This position can avoid accumulating blood especially in the under eyes.

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