4 Easy Ways To Keep Respiratory Organs To Stay Healthy

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Respiratory is process exchanges oxygen and carbon dioxide. We inhale oxygen from outside and excrete carbon dioxide.

Of course, we need oxygen the good one for the body. If bad air is inhaled then can happen respiratory disorders.

In this day and age, oxygen sources like trees and green plants start to diminish. And passing vehicles start to increase.

Air has now does not guarantee we stay healthy. Therefore, we are must keep your respiratory healthy. Following I will give easy ways for keeping respiratory.

1. Stay Away From Cigarettes And The Smokes

For active smokers, it’s good to stop smoking. Because smokes who inhaled will into the body and disturb ur lungs.

Likewise, those who don’t smoke keep it up. And stay away from smoke people.

Smokes which is inhaled it much more dangerous compared with smoking. Although the smoke is not visible the poison keeps last 2,5 hours in the air.

Therefore we must stay alert in public places that allow for smoking. For avoiding that always use the mask in public places.

2. Avoid Consuming Alcoholic Beverages

The next tips are to avoid and stop for alcoholic beverages. Because consuming alcohol hinders the respiratory in the lungs.

This matter will influence your respiratory. Therefore stay away from alcoholic beverages as possible.

3. Apply Pattern Eat Healthy

The next is to keep pattern eat so that stay healthy. Consuming good food for the lungs.

Combination of healthy food and whole milk very good for healthy lungs. Likewise with fruits and vegetables also can prevent the occurrence of lung cancer.

To spared from disturb lungs then avoid food that contains high glucose like candy and chocolate.

4. Keep The Air Clean Around You

Even around you haven’t cigarette smoke but you must care your self from the outside environment. Therese if want go outside the house its good to use a mask.

Masks filter the air we will breathe. So that we can avoid viruses that have in the air.

Plant greenery and trees around your home. Green plants supply clean oxygen it’s good for the respiratory.

Good luck… Hopefully helpful…..

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